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Villa Medici qualità
Villa Medici qualità

Preserving the quality of the grapes

Our main objective at the winery is to preserve and enhance the quality of the grapes grown in the vineyard.

Mistakes are possible, but in time and with experience, we have learnt how to avoid them, developing our own way of working.

With grapes that are not dried, the harvest is done mechanically, so that the grapes can be brought to the cellar quickly, avoiding unwanted fermentation and oxidation.

Throughout fermentation and ageing, the temperature of the musts and wines must be controlled precisely.

This is why we have chosen to install an automated cooling system that monitors and regulates the temperature of each vat.


Photovoltaic system

A portion of our energy requirements is covered by a photovoltaic system installed on the south- facing part of the winery roof.

The typical character of our wines
Over the years, I have consciously chosen to preserve the typical character of local wines, obtained through the hard, skilled work of my predecessors.
However, this has not stopped me from continuing to update the winery with the latest equipment.

Craftsmanship and high technology
For me, technological evolution in the last few decades is not synonymous with homogenization or dismissing the added value of craftsmanship. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to improve and enhance the wine.
The cold technology of steel is accompanied by the suggestive, romantic area of the barrels, which is kept at a constant temperature and humidity to ensure proper barrel ageing of the Solaro, Re Solaro, and passito wines.

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